A Sonic Temple in Paradise

BluRum Studios is the equatorial headquarters of international underground emcee/producer BluRum13.
An eco-friendly, off-grid, creative compound in the Indian Ocean where aspiring to established recording artists can escape to hone their craft, find inspiration and community, and showcase their talent. 

Founded in 2021 by underground emcee BluRum13, BLURUM Ltd. is a music & media company specializing in music, from creation to mastering; as well as sound design and media production for TV, radio, and film. 

Located in Jambiani, a 6 kilometre-long, beachfront village on Zanzibar’s southeast coast (Unguja Island), just an hour’s drive from Stone Town, BluRum Studios is the only professional recording studio open to the public on the island. Within its walled grounds, you’ll enjoy complete privacy, a safe place to work and stay, in an atmosphere designed to inspire.

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